Monday, July 27, 2009

Wanderlust Music Festival

This past weekend Squaw Valley hosted the Wanderlust Music Festival.  The Festival brought in a bunch of Music acts and also promoted and held Yoga classes.  Squaw Valley was a happening place and the Village was going off.  I don't think I've ever seen so much action around town in the summer time.  It was a nice change of pace.  Ski corp was using the Funitel to shuttle people up to the top of Gold Coast where they had a stage and concessions set up for live music.

Kate and I were able to catch the last act who happened to be Spoon.  We hiked up Shirley Canyon with our dogs and really enjoyed ourselves.  The music sounded amazing with help from the Palisades, Siberia Bowl, &  Hogs Back, which made up the natural amphitheater for the sound from the music.  The music ended right before the sun set and we hiked down mountain run with our dogs.  Hopefully Squaw will host more events like this in the future.

Spoon playing a set at the top of Gold Coast

Is it possible to create a more perfect Music Venue?

A view of the Palisades in the Summer Time.

The end of a perfect weekend in Squaw Valley USA!

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