Sunday, July 26, 2009

Downieville Downhill Days

Hanging out in Downieville has become my favorite get away from the trials and tribulation of my incredibly stressful life in Squaw Valley, Ca.  Really though summers in Tahoe are just as good as it gets.  Summers here are spent mountain biking, golfing, swimming, camping, hiking, gardening, cooking, drinking, and bar tending.     

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time camping and sessioning the Downieville downhill.  In my humble, but important opinion the Downieville downhill is everything mountain biking should be.  A 17 mile long, 5000ft descent that starts at 7200ft in the Scenic Sierra Buttes and ends in the historic little town of Downieville.  This classic Northern California single track challenges your strength and endurance.  Oh by the way it's fun as hell too!
Kate cruising down the sunrise trail in the Sierra Buttes

Butcher Ranch Intersection and a dramatic vegetation change.

JT cruising along

JT, Ruth, & Kate cooling off by the Yuba River in the heart of Downieville

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