Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Skiing 101, How to not stick a really easy cliff!

So a couple of weeks ago I rented a 500mm lens in hopes that I would be able to shoot the Freeride World Tour Tram Face Competition. Unfortunately, the organization made in what my opinion was a bad judgement call and decided to not hold the competition even though the condition were almost as good as they get on the Tram Face.

Since the lens cost me a good bit of money I decided to try and post up around Squaw and capture some of the shredding that happens around Squaw on a regular basis. To my surprise I I captured quite a bit of piss poor skiing in really good conditions. The 3 photos below are the worst of the worst. We call this kid the Sniper! I don't know his name, but I've seen him around Squaw and I don't really like him. He seems to think he is one of the best skiers at Squaw and he's definitely not. He talks too much and needs to learn how to land his airs on his feet. It was actually rewarding for me to catch this bozo totally flailing off an easy 10ft air.

Sniper Backseat and getting ready to roll the windows frantically up and down!

Sniper thinking to himself oh shit I suck!

Wow just all over the place!

Sorry for the negative post, but I kind of found it funny and fitting because this kid really is a true D-Bag.

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  1. That was truly funny. Thanks for the laugh.
    Your bro

    P.S. I look about the same going over jumps.