Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Butt Puckered Fun!

After several failed attempts at skiing this secret little zone yesterday we finally got it in relatively good snow conditions.  My buddy Adam Ruscitto and I sledded out to this zone that I stumbled across this past summer while mountain biking.  The face is steep and scary!  The pitch ranges from 45 - 50 degrees and the upper 100ft or so was wind hammered and bulletproof.  Once we made it past the ice section the snow was soft and edge able.  The conditions were definitely not ideal, but they were good enough.  It was a memorable day and I even got to hand the camera over to Adam to take photos of me.

The Face and the damage!

Me getting a little air time!

Surfing Sluff!

Adam Getting through the ice and making a nice turn!

Adam pointing through the wave spine!

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