Monday, November 2, 2009


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(Pat's "The king of steaks" This is a "provolone without" so tasty!)

So, I'm from Philadelphia & I love cheese steaks. I spent last week back in Philly visiting my family. Whenever I'm back in Philly I alway visit my favorite cheese steak shops. On this particular visit I was especially psyched to take down a couple of real cheese steaks.

My favorite cheese steak shop in Philadelphia is a little less know shop named Dalessandro's. They make the best steaks in Philly hands down & that was my first stop after landing in the Philadelphia airport. If your ever in Philly & your looking for the best cheese steaks go to Dalessandro's.

A trip to Philadelphia is not complete until you make it down to South Philly where the Cheese Steak was born. Pat's & Geno's claim to be the original's of all things cheese steaks. I think more tourists go to Pat's & Geno's then visiting Independence hall & the liberty bell. I mean people line up at these places like ski bums line up for first chair on KT after a 3 ft dump.

So on my final day in Philly I decided to make a trip to both Pat's & Geno's to decide for myself which place makes a better cheese steak. I started at Pat's "The king of steaks". When you arrive at the window of Pat's you better be ready to order. They are like the soup natzi's of cheesesteaks. When you order a cheese steak at Pat's or Geno's you just tell them what type of cheese you would like and if you want fried onions or not. It's simple and it's fast. You either say "I want a whiz with" or maybe "a provolone without". It's that simple & don't mess up because you don't want to piss off the Italian family that originated the cheese steak.

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(Pat's "The king of steaks" located in the heart of south philly"

After quickly scarfing down my "provolone without" I decided to go directly across the street to Geno's to order another "provolone without" to get my fill and finally decide which cheese steak shop in my opinion is better.

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(Geno's "provolone without" as you can see a little less meat then the Pat's "Provolone without")

Pat's Critique: The shaved rib eye Pat's uses has amazing flavor. The steak seems to get better with each bite. It has just the right amount of grease. The last bite is the best, you almost always think about getting another. They use Amoroso rolls and they seem to give you a bit more steak then Geno's does. The only complaint I had about this particular cheese steak is that the roll could have been a little warmer.

Geno's Critique: The shaved rib eye at Geno's seemed to be a little bit bland. The roll on the other hand was warm and soft, this helped melt the provolone in with the steak. Geno's makes a great cheese steak and I savored every bite even after having already devoured a steak directly before this one.

Synopsis: After a lot of thought on a subject matter that most people might think is absolutely ridiculous. I have finally reached a conclusion on which cheese steak house I like better. And the winner is; PAT'S "KING OF STEAKS". I just found the steak to have more flavor. Flavor goes a long way in my book.

Lets go now Phighten Philadelphia Phillies! Beat those damn Yankees!

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(Geno's directly across the street from Pat's on the opposite corner"

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