Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Post Canyon Part 2, Photo Thread!

Falling on your bike hurts bad!  I take these warnings seriously, but I still managed to crash and I have the scars to prove it.  We were fortunate though, there were 11 of us and no major injuries.

Jay calculating in his head how to stomp this nice 20ft ladder gap drop.

Charlie Berg taking advantage of his last days as a bachelor and slaying this feature on the drop out trail!

Charlie bringing his skills from the Tahoe area to 1 of the few rocky technical areas on the dog river trail.  Look at how serious Charlie is!

Another ladder feature, they are everywhere in Oregon.

Jeremy Benson the so called XC biker realizes that he might just give this freeriding thing a chance!

There just might be a reason Benson kills it on his bike.

Jay has got the freeride thing pretty dialed!

Yup, just another feature for Jay!

Bryce Phillips handles this ladder drop no problem!

Bryce rebating and stomping the ladder drop that almost ended his trip early!

Jay putting his calculation from the photo above to work!

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